Saturday, March 24, 2012

#Dowler: 'That Murdered Girl Thing' - Toby Young - The Gutter Press !

A furious backlash erupted on Twitter tonight after a spat between new Sun on Sunday columnist Toby Young and a critic.

True to form the Murdoch puppet was rude and abusive but had to go one step further. When confronted with the Milly Dowler hacking by the News of the World, he replied, “that murdered girl thing.”

Naturally, his detractor took a screen shot of his timeline and duly tweeted the image, sparking a furious backlash against Young and the Sun on Sunday. Who was it that said News International has changed?

Clearly not, just more public relations connivance from the Murdoch mafia. Their mindset is entirely the same, they could not care less about human beings. Apparently, Murdoch predicts two million useful idiots will buy his ‘new’ rag tomorrow.

The Murdoch mafia seem hell-bent on sparking off a widespread public backlash. And at this rate it is highly probable.

The inescapable fact is News International hacks do not care who they offend, smear and hack. Imagine what the Dowler family are thinking and feeling tonight? Does Toby Young really care? Obviously not, after all, to him, it’s just “that murdered girl thing”…read more