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Parents Fear Amanda was Abducted - March 27th 2002

Bob and Sally Dowler
Milly's parents do not believe she has run away

The parents of missing schoolgirl Amanda Dowler have admitted they fear she has been abducted.
The 13-year-old from Hersham, Surrey, went missing on her way home from school last Thursday afternoon.
Extensive searches by Surrey police and local volunteers have failed to find any trace of the teenager known to her family as "Milly".
On Wednesday her father Bob Dowler, 50, said abduction was the only logical explanation for her disappearance.

Amanda Dowler
Amanda is nicknamed "Milly"
Mr Dowler and his wife Sally, 42, a maths teacher at the school which Amanda attends, were speaking to the media six days after her disappearance.
Mr Dowler appealed directly to anyone who might have abducted his daughter to release her.

He said: "I hope to God if that person is listening or watching they will find it within themselves to look at us and give her back so she can be back within the family."
Mrs Dowler, whose 43rd birthday is on Friday, said: "I can't rest because I can't think what's happened to her.
"I have to blank it off and focus on making posters or anything that will help us get her back."

Milly's last movements

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Mrs Dowler said Amanda's sister Gemma, 16, was trying to keep busy by making posters.
She said: "She is convinced Amanda is coming back to us and that we will see her again soon and have a big party when she comes home.
"I would like to think that she has run away because that might be a way that would get her back, but I can't think of any reason why she should would want to run away."
Breaking down in tears, she went on: "Please come home, darling."
Detectives in Surrey are planning to bring an RAF helicopter to take high-resolution aerial photographs of the area where the 13-year-old disappeared.